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Kolorowe Jeziorka

>TodaysWanderluster || Disney Land in Poland – Colourful Lakelets

Somewhere deep within the lands of ‘Lower Silesia’, over mountains and valleys, through the dense bodies of forests that spread across the vast boundries of the Rudawski Landscape Park, one can find quite the magical site when they gaze upon four unique lakes, like four drops of paint in the middle of an abundance of green, the forest. One could say, this is like something you’d see in world of daydream or perhaps, in the world of Disney.

According to the data supported by Wikipedia, the present day lakes which are the remnants of former german mines, where raw materials were extracted such as pyrite, date back to the time between the late 18th century and the early 20th century (1785 – 1925). All four of the lakes at the Rudawski Landscape park differ by the various surface elevation. The purple lakelet (560m) get’s it’s colour from the chemical composition abundant with iron compounds like pyrite, which are found […]

>to Lower Silesia, Poland

*Article made possible thanks to Julia Kucharska

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Ireland & Europe’s Westernmost Point ‘The Dingle Peninsula’ & ‘there and back’ on the Ring of Kerry

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TW || ForThePhotographers – Roscrea

This article contains set A x5, set B x1 1/5 Set A The front view and castle entrance of the Roscrea Heritage Castle. 2/5 Set A Roscrea Heritage castle entrance II 3/5 Set A A third perspective of the Roscrea Heritage Castle. Image III 4/5 Set A Image I featuring the round tower in Roscrea…

TodaysWanderluster || Explore Roscrea 2021

.. .your about to visit Roscrea Subscribe to TodaysWanderluster. Bring the Adventure directly into your Inbox. Click/Tap here, should you have any suggestions. What is known as one of the oldest towns in Ireland, was at one point in its long history, an Irish town inhabited by the souls of the dead… or one can…

TW || TalksOnCulture – Javorník

[1/3] > Javornik, a small picturesque town in the czech region of Olomouc as we know, thrived in its golden era of prosperity and growth, becoming a significant pin on the map of the Silesian region, once even regarded as a cultural centre, though it has suffered immense destruction under the feet of the summoned…

TW || InTouristShoes – Javorník

Let’s see what’s .. to see Wish you make the experience just a little more realistic ? Subscribe to TodaysWanderluster. Bring the Adventure directly to your Inbox. Click/Tap here, should you have any suggestions. What to see in Javornik ? The ‘Jánský Vrch’ Castle The absolute jewel of the town of Javorník built in the…


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