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Bunratty Castle

‘Caisleán Bhun Raithe’ in Irish or ‘Bunratty Castle’, is a 15th century tower house. The castle is located in the heart of Bunratty village, between Shannon and Limerick city in Clare county. Bunratty is also overlooked from it’s nearby flowing river which makes it’s way calmly towards the shannon estuary to the south, known as the ‘Ratty’ river, which helps us better understand the history of the name of the castle as ‘Bun Raite’ or ‘Bun na Raite’ translates from Irish into English meaning ‘river basin of the Ratty’.

When we think of Bunratty castle and seem curious to find out the history behind the walls of this huge stone built structure that dates back to the 15th century, so tall that it may practically dominate the landscape in it’s area, when we even step foot onto the soils of Bunratty, we may not know that we are only talking about the fourth structure and that on those same exact grounds,

stood three previous structures….

>to Bunratty Castle

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Ireland & Europe’s Westernmost Point ‘The Dingle Peninsula’ & ‘there and back’ on the Ring of Kerry

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Dingle Peninsula

>Have you ever heard about the Dingle Peninsula ? What it is and what makes it to be such a popular tourrist attraction ? Located in the south-west of Ireland in Kerry county, the peninsula is stated to be the westernmost point in Ireland and perhaps even the continent of Europe.

It is this piece of land that stretches out from the Island towards the Atlantic, like as if Ireland is trying to reach out to it’s over seas distant neighbour, the United States…

Ring of Kerry

>Facing the Atlantic ocean, The Ring of Kerry features many gorgeous sandy beaches along it’s magical coastline, a carved out landscape out of rock dating back to the last Ice Age 10,000 years ago and even more and more waterfalls and mountains as one proceeds inwards, with the highest peak in Ireland ‘Carrantuohill’ at 1,038.6 metres placed in the near centre of the Ring.

The Ring may be regarded as a majestical dream for a photographer… …regarded as one of the most photographed places in the country of Ireland, according to the Irish Times Newspaper.

Killarney National Park

>Páirc Náisiúnta Chill Airne’ in Irish, or Killarney National Park located just outside of Killarney town, is pronounced as the first ever national park established in Ireland. Covering a distance of 102.89km2, the park is regarded to be of high ecological value..

..the wide variety of species aswell as extensivesnes of habitats…with a certain number of them addressed as ‘rare’. …regarded almost as a diamond on the ring of Kerry, hugely known for it’s beautifal scenery with the park’s main objective to preserve it’s ecosystems and wildlife.

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