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Bunratty for the Photographers !!

TodaysWanderluster present’s you, with this week’s article on the Top 10 Best Viewing Points, ‘Bunratty for the Photographers’

Our Top 10 Best Viewing Points of the Bunratty Castle

Notice > The TodaysWanderluster Team respects the rules in relation to Copyright. We do our best to only and ever display the work taken by our team members in our blog articles, unfortunetly at the present moment our team cannot guarnatee greater variety of images to display within our articles, however that will not halt our effort in writing our articles for you.

>TodaysWanderluster Team suggests using Google Maps with this article.

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River Rathy South-East bank

Before we move onto some of the other features of the Folk’s Park, let’s take a look at Bunratty castle first.

This viewing point is by far, one of the most popular when it comes down to taking a nice and sweet shot of the Bunratty castle. We are sure that you may have already seen several of these types of images before, when searching up ‘Bunratty castle’ on google.

An image taken at that specific viewing point of the castle would feature the stone bridge that links both sides of the river together aswell as the river Rathy which flows underneath it towards a bigger body of water ahead, the Shannon estuary. The Bunratty castle situated on the opposite side of the river on the other side of the bridge, would seem to dominate the picture.

The TodaysWanderluster caught sight of certain images taken at the viewing point, at or near dusk which feature the street lights at the river Rathy reflecting of the water and the Bunratty castle illuminated in an almost golden colour.

“How about a snack before we climb stairs?”

This viewing point is located not so far away from our previous one, as we are talking about the Durty Nellys (a restuarant/pub/bar located just to the east of the castle at the river Rathy) however our viewing point is located just a few steps back, on the middle of the stone bridge (right of the Old Bunratty road) that bring’s us across to the other river bank.

Taking a photo there would incapsulate parts of the bridge we are facing, to the right the river Rathy with it’s untouched river banks featuring some sandy/pebble patches and greenery further out, the nice contrast between the bright yellow and the blue of the sky (if your lucky to have it, a nice sunny day of course), the grey colour of the Bunratty castle stone and the vibrant green from the trees that seem to entourage the castle.

“The Bunratty castle car park entrance”

Yeah.. we know, this title could have been a little more creative, but it’s our next spot on the list!! Passing the Durty Nelly’s on the opposite side of the castle, the road that draws a line between the restaurant/pub and the castle is where our next viewing point is located.

Notice >The TodaysWanderluster Team doesn’t encourage taking any photography if it puts the individual or anyone else in danger. We recommend having these images taken on the footpath next to Durty Nelly’s where one can find a bench and a telefon box.

An image taken there would feature the Bunratty castle from a very interesting angle, as from how one would see it when looking up whilst passing the castle, which seems to enlessly reach towards the skies. The image taken at the very edge of the south-eastern side of the castle from the viewing point would show the very edge of one of the keep’s towers.

Bunratty castle, side north – Castle Courtyard

With this spot on our pinned map, one can experiment around with the angles and take up several different spots to get the best out of this specific side of the castle in a photo. We strongly recommond choosing the spot at the very front of the gate that leads fom the path towards the courtyard of the castle, an image taken there would feature the northern side of the Bunratty castle, it’s couryard below appearing square shaped with walls on either side that hide the trees that still shoot up from behind them. To the right of the photo, the camera would capture the castle cannons on display.

The Castle Entrance – ‘door to the other side’

This spot on our list is yet another very popular among tourists spot to take some very nice photos of some of the unique castle features. An image taken there would feature a series of wooden steps built in effort to allow tourists access into the castle, the castle entrance which presents it’s gothic styled archway aswell as the several narrow castle windows looking out into the courtyard aswell as all the different shaped and shaded stones that really give the castle wall it’s character.

An old street view’

Moving away now from the Castle compound, our next spot on our list is down the street in the Bunratty Folk’s Park. This viewing spot is located on the 19th century recreated village street, specifically infront of the school building. An image taken there would feature this recreated 19th century street, showing the different coloured buildings and thatched cottages on either side of the cobbled narrow street climbing upwards, typical of it’s time. A house located on the left hand side with it’s brightly painted white fences guarding an entry to it’s small front side garden. A red post box on the near right and of course the MacNamaras Pub on the very end of the street (which may be another spot to try out, taking a photo from that side of the street .. of the street).

‘Between the thatched cottages’

Not far from where we just were standing.. our next spot is located east of the MacNamaras Pub .. or through the narrow street between the Pub and the Mc Inerney & Sons until reaching the two thatched cottages with brightly painted white walls, once there, position your camera towards the MacNamaras Pub and the street you just followed to get where you are standing presently.

An image taken there would show the two thatched irish cottages located on both sides of the photo (near the photographer), a street lamp on the left and the street that brings you towards the main street on which you can find the MacNamaras Pub. The Image would also show the same 19th century recreated buldings we saw earlier but from a different side as now our lens our capturing these buildings from behind. The Mc Inerney & Sons building from this spot will appear almost unfamiliar as it is almost entirely overground with vegetation to it’s side.

‘A charming Mill..’

We got this title from one of the comments we received underneath a post we shared of Bunratty Folk’s Park … and we thought it was quite fitting !

This spot on our list may be slightly more difficult to find as it is located a little bit deeper within the park however, for those who already may know (perhaps by looking at google maps) this 19th century Irish mill is located to the south-east of the Ardcroney church. We recommend taking up different spots around this mill, experimenting with the variety of different angles in order to get the best out of this mill, whether it’s the front or the back of the building an image taken there would still incapsulate a building which is highly regarded as one of the many features of the 19th century Ireland countryside.

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‘A church that was once moved..’

The Ardcroney church is our next spot to visit on this list, located on the peripheral side of the park and may be one of the last features one would visit. We recommend standing at the very gates of this church positioning the camera towards the building incapsulating the church tower aswell as the other structure features like the gothic styled archway entrance and windows aswell as the greenery that becomes the entourage for the church.

The TodaysWunderluster encourages experimenting with all different angles to get the best of the Ardcroney church of course.

‘More comfortable than the castle’

Our last spot on our list is the Bunratty House, located north-west of Ardcroney church and just as the church, it is more than likely this will be the last thing you’ll get to see in the park. Our viewing spot is located just outside of the Bunratty House and we are facing the fields with our back facing towards the House. An image taken there would capture the pool of green that stands before us which is the grassy field we just mentioned, the vibrant green of the many trees that grow on both sides and the distant brick and stone house on the opposite side of this field which looks like it’s about to be swallowed up by the forest to it’s behind.

That’s all for this week !! Thank you for joining us on this article. We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and found it informative. Stay tuned for our up-coming article, as next week we will be moving to the other side of the Island. Our previous article on the ‘Bunratty Castle’ you may find here . You may share with us your feedback in our comments box below which will be hugely appreciated by our team.

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Au revoir and have a lovely weekend !!

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    1. It sure is. I highly recommend checking it out. I’ve only been to it once and I didn’t take enough photos as one could tell haha but my family has been luckier and explored it a couple of times. Thank you for your comment 🙂


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