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‘Rock of Cashel’ for the Photographers

TodaysWanderluster present’s you, with this week’s article on the Top 10 Best Viewing Points, ‘Rock of Cashel for the Photographers’

Our Top 10 Best Viewing Points of the Rock of Cashel

Notice > The TodaysWanderluster Team respects the rules in relation to Copyright. We do our best to only and ever display the work taken by our team members in our blog articles, unfortunetly at the present moment our team cannot guarnatee greater variety of images to display within our articles, however that will not halt our effort in writing our articles for you.

>TodaysWanderluster Team suggests using Google Maps with this article.

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‘A little intoduction to the Rock of Cashel’

Our first viewing point on the ‘Rock of Cashel’ is located just at the very gates of this southern tipperary county jem, on the way to the structure itself on the ‘rock ln’ road (south of the rock of cashel).

The viewing point we are talking about here is found just at the ‘Rock cottage’ stone house which stands opposite to the Rock of Cashel shop. It is also our favourite viewing point of the structure on this road as a picture taken there will capture the south-eastern side of the ‘Rock of Cashel’ a very iconic view of this structure featuring the ‘Cormac’s chapel’, part’s of the Cathedral ruins, the Hall of the Vicar’s Choral building to the left and the ‘Scully Cross’ to the far right, all that stand on the hill enclosed within the structure’s stone walls.

The photo will also capture the rocky light grey boulders that together with the greenery around, paint a nicely looking picture that add to what we are already seeing. On the day we were lucky to have a zero-cloudy day, hence the ‘Rock of Cashel’ for us had a nice background of crystal blue.

Our team of course suggests experimenting around with all the different angles and so further to get the best out of this viewing point!!

Onto the next one … let’s travel north !!

‘What the ‘Rock of Cashel’ is known for’

The viewing point we are talking about here is located near the r660 road, west of the grassy traffic island on the smaller country road and might just be one of the special points in our list of the ‘Top 10 best viewing points’ as thats where all the iconic and most well known images of the ‘Rock of Cashel’ are taken, this particular view of the site that we can commonly seen on all of the ‘Rock of Cashel’ merchandise found in gift shops aswell as postcards and images found online.

An image taken there will capture the site on it’s area of high ground, decorated with the stone boulders, bush and trees that grow in the area with their eye catching vibrant green, with certain features of the structure like the Tower House, the Round tower and the cathedral, captured within the frame of our photo.

‘North-Eastern View on the R660’

This viewing point, just as the title of it says, is located north-east of the Rock of Cashel at the r660 road on what appears to be a traffic island in the area between two roads, one connecting the r660 to the distant r505 road and the second ‘Rock ln’ road which brings us to the ‘Rock of Cashel’ itself.

There, our camera lens will capture the North-eastern side of the building, which appears to crown the raised area of ground (sprinkled with the rocky boulders, green bush and trees as well as a light green carpet of grass that spreads all across) which it stands upon. The features of this historic site that we can see from here, are the Round tower, the Scully cross, parts of the Tower house and the cathedral, aswell as the stone walls that enclose the structure.

‘At the ‘Kiln’ road’

Our next viewing point is loctaed not so far away from our previous one, for this viewing point we’re moving south of the R660 road until reaching the ‘Cashel Healthcare’ on the Kiln road.

Standing on the area of high ground we mentioned earlier, the ‘Rock of Cashel’ will appear clear as day in the open space between the buildings there. Our images taken at this point from the street will capture the eastern side of the strcuture. Certain features like the ‘Round tower’ (a very dominant feature of the Rock of Cashel) will be captured by our lens along with the Scully Cross, parts of the Cathedral and even the Cormac’s Chapel tower.

‘One of the more “interesting Y-junctions”‘

Moving in even closer to our Irish jewel, our next viewing point will verify that we are approaching the Rock of Cashel, however we won’t be exploring the site from within it’s stone walls,

atleast not yet….

Our viewing point here can be found on the Rock Ln road that brings you to the ‘Rock of Cashel’ site, near the ‘Chez Hans’ restaurant and at the Y-junction of the Rock Ln and the Moor Ln road.

Notice >The TodaysWanderluster Team doesn’t encourage taking any photography if it puts the individual or anyone else in danger. We recommend taking good observation of any approaching traffic and choosing the right time and place before focusing on the photography.

Our photos captured here will show us the Rock LN road between the town buildings which later ascents once aproaching the site closer, looking at the ‘Rock of Cashel’ we will spot almost every feature of the building with the exception of the Tower house and the Scully cross. Our team really likes this vewing point on our list as not only does it show a brilliant side of the structure but thanks to the town buildings that are captured in the frame, the image will bring out that feeling that one is in a town or village and they are looking out onto what may be it’s postcard.

‘Rock of Cashel’ – South-Western View

From our viewing point near ‘Chez Hans ‘let’s take a jump south-west of our structure, with this viewing point located just a few steps past the T-junction at the R505 road, east of the ‘Hore Abbey’.

An image taken from this side of our structure will feature a side of the ‘rock of cashel’ that may not be as known as this historic site isn’t commonly captured from this particular side. Our cameras will capture certain features of the building like the full ruins of the Tower house or the Hall of the Vicar’s Choral. The Rock of Cashel will seem to dominate the entire photo as it shows on the area of high ground from where we see a vast light green grassy terrain, growing trees to the right and the irish sky in the background.

‘Lost between the Irish soils of southern Tipperary county’

This viewing point is located in the walk-around area of the Rock of Cashel (south-west of the building) which our camera lens have captured from our previous viewing point and which can be accessed through a gate on the left when approaching the site on it’s Rock Ln road.

An image taken there may not show anything more than that of what we already have seen of this side of the tipperary county heritage site however it will most likely be a greater zoom-in to our site, offering even more spectacular views of the surrounding fields which to the west, might appear as a sea of endless green as the countryside landscape spreads far into the distance.

‘Within the Rock of Cashel Walls’

Our last three points on our list can all be found within the stone walls that encompass the historic site known as the Rock of Cashel. There is a wide number of all the different spots from within these walls that one can capture, a number of fantastic images, so our team recommends experimenting with all the different angles and further.

In this part of our list we will be sharing with you our top 3 favourites, all with the aid of google maps that will help you locate these specific points, with just one click or tap on the highlighted words.

Our first spot can be stumbled upon north-east of the structure, with our lens capturing the Cathedral part of the building aswell as the Round Tower on the left, the tombstones that stand up straight on these soils carpeted by the vibrant green grass that grows there and of course if your lucky, a crystal blue background!!

The next viewing point is only a few steps away, towards the Scully Cross. This viewing spot will feature the round tower, the cathedral aswell as parts of the tower house. Here we will also see the old tombstones that definetly add character to our site, the vibrant green grass of the area.

The backgroud will be composed of … well, whatever sky you will get, in our google maps example the image shows a dark stormy almost look to the sky which gives the image a whole different feel but a very good one too!! To the left, we wont have to strain ourselves as the irish landscape will make it’s appearnce in the photo, showing the southern tipperary county fields that flood as far as the eye can see.

The third and last spot of this sublist and our list of the ‘Top 10 Best Viewing Points’ on the Rock of Cashel is found in the interior of our site in the bang on centre (hence… for once you won’t have to hear us repeating the same line, of what features of the building we can spot).

This vieiwng spot is excellent and will guarantee a full 360 degree photographer’s paradise (if of course, your in love with architecture photography). Here you will have a view of the Cathedral interior the ‘choir’, the north and south transepts aswell as the ‘Nave’ which will bring you to the residential tower (Tower House) and the Porch building.

To every direction you look, you will find something cool and interesting at the same time to capture with your camera.

Cashel Town. Image taken by Dawid Kucharski.

Thank you for joining us on this week’s article. We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and found it informative.

In our next article we will be travelling north-west as we will be exploring the ancient woods of Cratloe.

Check out our previous article on our adventure of the Rock of Cashel here or in the below panel if featured.

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Thank you for your support, slán go fóill !!


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