‘Portumna for the Photographers’

TodaysWanderluster present’s you, with this week’s article on the Top 10 Best Viewing Points, ‘Portumna for the Photographer’s’.

Our Top 10 Best Viewing Points of the Portumna Woods

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Welcome to Portumna Forest Walk!

Past the Gate that leads one into the magical world of the green wood of Portumna, our first viewing point awaits us just at the wood’s Trailhead.

This viewing point is located at a picnic site to the left of the parking lot at the Portumna Forest Walk trailhead, where one can find a number of picnic benches with the area sparsely covered by trees closer to the gravel surfaced parking lot and more densely covered further back.

An image taken there will feature the small green meadow, populated by some of the park’s trees, a patch of some dry yellow in colour grass near the background of the image, a wooden picnic bench to the left and a continuos wall of vibrant green that radiates out at us from the green leaves of the growing trees.

Known for it’s natural Jewels

We probably could have started this article by saying, that after a little bit of a long drive, you may have been counting down the seconds to when you’d finally stop the car, stretch them good old legs you have been given, take a deep breath of the cool and mild fresh air exhaled straight out from the trees that now.. surround you from every corner and follow wherever the forest trails bring you.

Walking a little bit to the east(right) from our previous viewing point at the site used commonly for picnicing, one may have been already exploring all the different, huge but beautiful trees that appear infront of us and stumbling upon this beauty…

..one of the Wood’s jewels, one that is popular among it’s visitors who take family photos or selfies either at the base of the tree or on the tree branches. This may not be so much of a viewing point but it most likely should appear on the list of the different things worth capturing in the lens when visting these woods.

Known for it’s natural jewels II

Another well-known resident of this green world near Portumna is this gorgeous three which brings out only the best of impressions among it’s visitors, likewise our previous three, it also belongs to the most photographed threes in the park and should not be by-passed!!

This three is located further south of the trailhead (towards the Lough Derg Lake), standing out from the rest of it’s neighbours just near the edge of the trail, overlooking the meadow which can be spotted from the trailhead parking lot.

… interested in Photography ?

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Off – Trail

This viewing point may be slightly more difficult to explain where it’s location is as it’s completely off trail, with the only good news being…

that it’s not too far from the actual trail.

Pulling away from the trailhead, following one of the park’s trails that leads to the Lough Derg Lake viewing point (Viewing Platform) on the way, you’ll pass a wooden bench on your right, a yellow and black car entrance barrier, a fallen old three on the left and a small opening further ahead (left hand-side) where you’ll spot a small pile of rocks an stones overgrown with moss and other vegetation. Following that route, you’ll stumble upon a number of views.

This capture features the view from this off-trail viewing point, facing the trail up above, one wouldn’t even know this was taken in a Forest Walk but simply in a wood altogether!

Our Team suggests you to walk carefully and take extra precaution when in search of this viewing point.

The Lough Derg View

Our next viewing point on our list is where the trail we followed was eventually going to lead us to. The Lough Derg Viewing Platform, located at the end of the selected trail.

An image taken here will feature an interesting but quite a unique view on the Lough Derg which we can spot in the far distance, a number of trees and vegetation on the sides aswell as the ever-changing Irish sky from above.

On our day of the trip to Portumna, we were lucky enough to get half and half which was another great addition and feature into our photo’s composition.

What make’s for a great Irish Meadow

The next image here shows a meadow which by standing on the Viewing Platform we stood to photograph our previous viewing point, we can observe to the left hand-side.

Alternating our camera and by focusing the lens we can capture a nice small view like the one we see above. The image featuring a wide and open grassland which seems to flood out into the distance, the edge of the wood to the left hand-side of the image, the green bush sparsely appearing around the meadow almost encompassing the grassland we are staring out and of course,

the beautiful blue ceiling from above!!

Let’s check out what else awaits us on this trail!

‘A pond near the Gurthathigue place’

Found just at the bog region of the Forest Walk, this is an image featuring the small pond inhabited by the various insects aswell as other species that can sometimes be stumbled upon.

Located north-east of the Viewing Platform, where our entrusted trail we were following all along was eventually going to lead us to, we can find the Portumna Forest Walk bogland near Gurthathigue (Use the Portumna forest Walk map as a guide for locating the targeted spot).

An image taken at this viewing point will capture the small pond in the area overgrown by the natural vegetation in the area, the vibrant green radiating out from the trees and bush that vignettes the image that also nicely encapsulates the pond that is coated by the floating chunks of sticks and leaves and the continuation of the forest on the other side of the pond.

‘The Royal King of the Forest’

Leaving the boglands and continuing to follow our entrusted trail, we will very quickly be swallowed up into the dense Wood at Portumna, walking along underneath the shows created by the overhead branches and tree canopy until….. jaw drop,

at the site of our next beauty hidden within the Portumna Wood.

This magnificently tall and unique tree is another famous landmark or post card from the Wood at Portumna, hugely popular among it’s visitors and never seizing to draw an impression. Standing at the base of this beauty, we will feel our breath being taken away as we get chills all around our bodies

… even on a hot summer’s day!

An image taken here will of course capture the full extent of the tree’s greatness, it’s abnormally long and strentching branches that give an impression as if the tree is poking it’s neighbours (but you know.. 24/7), the vibrant and colourful green of the background, the orange in colour forest floor and the obscured sky from above.

‘what appears to be, a second adventure of the day..’

The trail we have just been following will now bring us back to the trailhead of the Forest Walk, however …

as you may have already noticed, the Portumna Forest Walk has more than just one trail that allow their visitors to freely roam the Wood at whatever pace they wish..

usually on the trail!

In this article, we will also look into another trail which in comparison with our first, is much of a longer walk.

To take this trail, one must turn west (or left at the T-junction of the trails shown on the map towards Beech Grove and Bonaveen) where along our walk, we will pass on our right, a small swampland.

An image taken at this specific angle, will capture the swamp pool, fallen tree branches and/or tree roots that seem to bridge over the pool of water we see that reflect the shadowing trees that surround the swamp, with the upper half of the image featuring our vibrant colour green.

‘the marking of a new world boundry’

As mentioned earlier, the trail is a bit of a long walk which only hints at the various different viewing points or moment capturing sites that we can come across. Today’s article we’ll only cover 10 hence we might be in for a Part II at a later time.

Our final viewing point is found near the end of our selected second trail near the trailhead, south of the Golf-course (the second trail down on the map appearing more ruggedy) that brings us through the turloughs.

Here we will capture a wall of spruce wood trees that seems to stand proudly and tall as if to mark a start of a boundry between the continuation of the Wood and the grass meadow our trail is bringing us through as well as the lovely irish outside ceiling.

Thank you for joining us on this week’s article. We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and found it informative.

In our next week’s article we will be exploring the Lough Derg lake in Ireland aswell as covering all the spots worth checking out in the area. Check out our previous article on our adventure of the Portumna Woods here or in the below panel if featured.

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Thank you for your support, slán go fóill !!

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