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Our Photography Gallery Warehouse 2021


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All images displayed in this article belong to Dawid Kucharski. Sharing or distributing of any of the below featured images is not permitted.

This article contains set A x5, set B x6


Set A

View of the ‘Jánský  Vrch’ castle in Javorník. Photo taken from the town square.


Set A

The Javorník town square. Image showing the countryside outside of Javorník. Photo taken from one of the castle lookout points.


Set A

A second image showing the Javorník town square plus the countryside outside the town that expands into Poland.


Set A

A third image of the Javorník town square, showing the Holy Trinity Church (Kostel Nejsvětější Trojice v Javorníku). Photo taken from the castle lookout point.


Set A – Complete

A close up on the ‘Jánský  Vrch’ castle. Photo taken at the castle lookout point.

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Set B

Image showing a part of the castle grounds and its range of flowers. Photo taken on the stairway that leads to the castle entrance.


Set B

A stone monument located outside the ‘Jánský Vrch’ Castle on the castle grounds walk path.


Set B

Photo showing the meadows of the southern castle grounds of ‘Jánský  Vrch’ in Javorník.


Set B

Second image showing the forest outside of the ‘Jánský  Vrch’ castle at the southern castle grounds.


Set B

Photo of the flowers on the eastern castle grounds of ‘Jánský  Vrch’.


Set B – Complete

A capture of the eastern side of the ‘Jánský Vrch’ Castle. Photo taken before the entrance gate into the castle courtyard.

#ForThePhotographers @TodaysWanderluster

Our Photography Gallery Warehouse 2021


All images displayed in this article belong to Dawid Kucharski. Sharing or distributing of any of the below featured images is not permitted.

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