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According to the data supported by Wikipedia, the present day lakes which are the remnants of former german mines, […] date back to the time between the late 18th century and the early 20th century (1785 – 1925)

Kolorowe Jeziorka

Friday 8th January, 2021

08:00 PM Irish Standard Time

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.. .your about to visit the Colourful Lakelets

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Image by Julia Kucharska. Edited by Dawid Kucharski.
Featured on Instagram @dk.photography2003

Somewhere deep within the lands of ‘Lower Silesia’, over mountains and valleys, through the dense bodies of forests that spread across the vast boundries of the Rudawski Landscape Park, one can find quite the magical site when they gaze upon four unique lakes, like four drops of paint in the middle of an abundance of green, the forest. One could say, this is like something you’d see in world of daydream or perhaps, in the world of Disney.

[1/4] > Found in the Rudawski Landscape Park or ‘Rudawski Park Krajobrazowy’, the Colourful lakelets are known as artificial ponds in the region that formed in the place of former German piryte mines at the slope of the ‘Wielka Kopa’ mountain in Rudawy Ianowickie, which forms part of the mountain range of the Sudetes in south western Poland. At the Landscape Park between the cities of Wałbrzych and Jelenia Góra, the three or occasionally four lakes that can appear on the map, each have their own distinct features (ie Colour – Yellow, Green, Azure and Purple) as well as background in history. Following the trail that starts at the village of Wieściszowice, we’ll begin to explore one lake after the other and discovering their present day names and their former german names. The Purple lakelet or ‘Purpurowe jeziorko’ is known to be the largest out of all the other lakes in the Rudawski Landscape Park. It’s former german name ‘Hoffnung’ (Hope) in english, the lakelet is also known as the eldest in the region, dating back to as far as 1785. Underneath the Purple Lakelet, lies the Yellow Lake ‘żółte jeziorko’. This lakelet is known as the youngest out of all the other lakes in the park and just like the other nearby lakes, it has previously been a german mine in the area. Throughout the seasons in the year where the temperatures and weather are known to be very dry, the water level drops significantly.

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For our Wednesday's post, we are moving over to Poland🇵🇱🦅, to 'Kolorowe Jeziorka' or in english, 'Colourful Lakelets'🏵🦋🍃. Located in south-western Poland between the cities of Jelena Góra and Wałbrzych near the 'Rudawy Landscape Park' lie three to four articially made ponds formed in place of former mines at the slope of 'Wielka Kopa' mountain near the Sudetic mountain range⛰. ▫️▫️▫️ All of the three to four (three, as sometimes in summer the temperatures can rise so high causing the fourth to sometimes evaporate entirely), each take up different colours, with the largest and oldest purple lake with it's former german name 🇩🇪'Hoffnung'. ▫️▫️▫️ All photos were taken by Julia Kucharska. View the originals after the edited versions and let us know what you think of this lovely yet incredible place in Poland😅. Have you seen or heard about anything like this place? ▫️▫️▫️ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ©️ Images belong to Julia Kucharska 🌈 Edited Photography by Dawid Kucharski 📸 Camera Xiaomi redmi note 8t ➡️ Visit our Official Blog Website at 'TodaysWanderluster🌍'on ➡️ Follow our Facebook page for more info ➡️ Contact us via email at ➡️ Mention us @dk.photography2003 ☑ Follow for more content 🙌📸 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #poland🇵🇱#walbrzych#jelenagora#kolorowejeziorka#colourfullakelets#lakephotography#lakesofinstagram#colourfullakes#colourful#nature#naturephotography#naturephotographer#majestic#interestingplaces#tourist#visitpoland#explorepoland#travellingthroughtheworld#newplaces#photographersparadise#photography#treescape#hiddengems

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[2/4] > ‘Neues Glück’ – (New happiness or luck) dating back to 1793, was a former german mine, today is presently known as the ‘Azure Lakelet’ or ‘błękitne jeziorko’ – (Blue Lake). The fourth lake we’d come across on our small trip of the ‘Kolorowe Jeziorka’ is the ‘Zielone jeziorko’ (Green Lake) dating back to around 1796, it’s former german name ‘Gustav Grube’. The lakelet here brings on a surprise as one could call the lake ‘lake phantom’, as it sort of appears and disappears throughout the year.. like a ghost apparition, mostly during the summer season, when the high temperatures cause the lake to dry up.

[3/4] > According to the data supported by Wikipedia, the present day lakes which are the remnants of former german mines, where raw materials were extracted such as pyrite, date back to the time between the late 18th century and the early 20th century (1785 – 1925). All four of the lakes at the Rudawski Landscape park differ by the various surface elevation. The purple lakelet (560m) get’s it’s colour from the chemical composition abundant with iron compounds like pyrite, which are found at it’s banks and bottom. It is interesting as the lake is filled with water solution of sulphuric acid of a PH = 3, though it’s not deadly, caution is asked to be exercised around the waters of the lake, avoiding any contact with the water for it can be dangerous to skin. The ‘Azure Lake’ above also called Blue or Emerald (635 m), gets it’s colour from the presence of copper ions in the water. The water here isn’t said to be dangerous and despite it’s unusual colour, the water is clean and safe for anyone who would choose to have a small swim for oneself in the blueness of the lake.

Image by Julia Kucharska. Edited by Dawid Kucharski.
Featured on Instagram @dk.photography2003

[4/4] > The ‘Green Lake’ also called Black Pond (730 m), simularily get’s it’s colour from the presence of copper compounds in the water. However depending on weather conditions, the lake temporarily makes it’s disappearance. We’d encourage you to check out the article by Dorota, published in May 13th 2017, where she talks about her personal experience of the Colourful lakelets.

Image by Julia Kucharska. Edited by Dawid Kucharski.
Featured on Instagram @dk.photography2003

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