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We would like to warmly welcome you to our ‘About Us’ page. Here you can learn more about our official blog page your following, the ‘TodaysWanderluster’ aswell as it’s developer and administrator.

The TodaysWanderluster is a blog page powered by WordPress.com launched on the 26th of April 2020. Our website is managed thanks to our small but excellent team of researchers who make up the brains in the ‘behind the scenes’ of our article production process with the website developer and photographer Dawid Kucharski who takes care of the publishing of our articles that take us all on a vibrant and vivid adventure, who allow us to step into an invisible time warp and re-emerge into a completely, different …time.

Dawid Kucharski, the administrator and head of our team, has been building his online presence online since joining Instagram in June, 2015, where he originally picked up the interest in photography and to this day is still looking to pursue his dream of becoming a skillful Photographer, participating in a number of photography competitions, with the recent LensCulture Street Photography competition 2020.

As the first year of the new decade progressed, later in the month of April, Dawid Kucharski along with our present members of our team, launched our official blog page with the name ‘TodaysWanderluster’ representing the value our team wishes to give to our dear audience, which relates to the subject of travel, photography, history, culture, exploration and discovery of places of beauty (currently in the Republic of Ireland) aswell as the history relating to the explored areas.

Our team respects the rules and regulations that surround the subject of copyright. The images used in our published articles all are currently owned by the team aswell as the team’s photographer and editor Dawid Kucharski.

In other cases, all other images that DO NOT belong to our team or the team’s photographer and editor, that in certain circumstances can be observed as displayed on our published articles, our team makes sure to give the appropriate credit to the creaters of the used images.

The ‘TodaysWanderluster’ team works in our team’s code relating to our article publishing process and research, concerned with providing information and facts that aren’t false or misleading, with our team of researches relying on trusted sources online like for example Wikipedia.org.

Our team hopes to produce articles for you that you may find informative aswell as fun to read. We are currently working on shortening our articles aswell as a greater diversity of covered topics, with our most recent development made with publishing our first project of 2021 (January 11th) on the Czech town of Javorník.

We currently are trying to publish atleast once a week, hence we like to use the term ‘here and fro’ as we can’t always predict when an amazing article piece is complete. The TodaysWanderluster is working on better quality over quantity. Though you might want to always keep an eye out for 8 PM (Irish Standard Time) 😉

That being said, we do hope to write you as often as we can and we wish you enjoyable time reading!

Thank you for reading, we hope to welcome you aboard !!

TodaysWanderluster Team

TodaysWanderluster Team Administrator, Dawid Kucharski
Photography by Dawid Kucharski, Our Gallery @dk.photography2003 on Instagram

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