‘the waterfalls between boundaries’ – The Clare Glen Falls

.. .residents of these woods are all in a timeless battle over the warm touches of sunlight, the sunlight like rain which reaches ..the ‘debritus’ in small strands. .. TodaysWanderluster present’s you, with this week’s article on the Clare Glens Falls, ‘the waterfalls between boundaries’ … wanna see what else lies in Tipperary? We inviteContinue reading “‘the waterfalls between boundaries’ – The Clare Glen Falls”

‘Mizen Head for the Photographers’

TodaysWanderluster present’s you, with this week’s article on the Top 10 Best Viewing Points of Mizen Head, ‘Mizen Head for the Photographer’s’ Our Top 10 Best Viewing Points of Mizen Head Notice > The TodaysWanderluster Team respects the rules in relation to Copyright. We do our best to only and ever display the work takenContinue reading “‘Mizen Head for the Photographers’”

‘the last sight of Europe’ – Mizen Head

…the vast and overwhelmingly tall walls of stone of the Mizen Head Cliffs is as often described as “one of the extreme points on the island of Ireland’.. . .. . .through the fresh waters of the Celtic Sea south of the Emerald Island, a known transatlantic route passes near the southern irish coastline whereContinue reading “‘the last sight of Europe’ – Mizen Head”

‘A Horse-Shoe Shaped lake’ – Lough Gur

..sleeping in a cave in the region of Lough Gur and emerges at the time of Ireland’s need, galloping around the lake on his great white horse. tale which tells a story of a 14th century lord of Munster . .. Between the valleys and forests, underneath the ever-changing Irish sky , dwells the peacefulContinue reading “‘A Horse-Shoe Shaped lake’ – Lough Gur”

Lough Derg ‘Ireland’s Third Largest Lake’

Lough Derg, from the Irish ‘Loch Deirgdheirc’, was one of the names of the ‘Dagda’ recognised as the Irish God.. …”red eye” During the medieval times, the lake appeared as an integral part of the water highway stretching from as far west as the Atlantic ocean, through the irish midlands and further to the east,Continue reading “Lough Derg ‘Ireland’s Third Largest Lake’”

“The Landing place of the Oak” – Portumna Forest Walk

.. there are a total of 16 species of wild animals recorded to reside in the Woods of Portumna, with the red squirrel, the badger and fox that.. . . ..the stroat and known locally as ‘the cat’ the Pine Marten is regarded as the most elusive mammal within these woods but also known asContinue reading ““The Landing place of the Oak” – Portumna Forest Walk”

‘The Ancient Irish Wood of Cratloe’

. ..Another tale speaks to us about a potentially ‘Irish Robin Hood’, an outlaw where the tradition, as it states, burried the goods he took under “a tree marked with the ace of spades”. TodaysWanderluster present’s you, with this week’s article on the Cratloe Woods, ‘The Ancient Irish Woods of Cratloe’. … love the ambianceContinue reading “‘The Ancient Irish Wood of Cratloe’”

The ‘Rock of Cashel’ – Ireland’s Medieval Jewel

..known for its three names, ‘Cashel of the Kings’, ‘St Patrick’s Rock’ or the one we already heard of, the ‘Rock of Cashel’, is one of the most remarkable collections of Celtic art as well as medieval architecture that can be explored anywhere on the European continent, with the majority of the structural features andContinue reading “The ‘Rock of Cashel’ – Ireland’s Medieval Jewel”

Discovering the History behind the walls of the ‘Rock of Cashel’

…whispers down the streets carry a rumour of one popular legend which states that the site originated on a mountain, north of Cashel. St.Patrick, who arrived in Ireland with his vision to spread the word of christianity, one day reached the mountain coming into contact with the Devil, Satan. St.Patrick defeated Satan and banished himContinue reading “Discovering the History behind the walls of the ‘Rock of Cashel’”

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