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TW || ForThePhotographers – Roscrea

This article contains set A x5, set B x1 1/5 Set A The front view and castle entrance of the Roscrea Heritage Castle. 2/5 Set A Roscrea Heritage castle entrance II 3/5 Set A A third perspective of the Roscrea Heritage Castle. Image III 4/5 Set A Image I featuring the round tower in RoscreaContinue reading “TW || ForThePhotographers – Roscrea”

TW || InTouristShoes – Javorník

Let’s see what’s .. to see Wish you make the experience just a little more realistic ? Subscribe to TodaysWanderluster. Bring the Adventure directly to your Inbox. Click/Tap here, should you have any suggestions. What to see in Javornik ? The ‘Jánský Vrch‘ Castle The absolute jewel of the town of Javorník built in theContinue reading “TW || InTouristShoes – Javorník”

TW || ForThePhotographers – Javorník

This article contains set A x5, set B x6 1/5 Set A View of the ‘Jánský  Vrch’ castle in Javorník. Photo taken from the town square. 2/5 Set A The Javorník town square. Image showing the countryside outside of Javorník. Photo taken from one of the castle lookout points. 3/5 Set A A second imageContinue reading “TW || ForThePhotographers – Javorník”

‘Rock of Cashel’ for the Photographers

TodaysWanderluster present’s you, with this week’s article on the Top 10 Best Viewing Points, ‘Rock of Cashel for the Photographers’ Our Top 10 Best Viewing Points of the Rock of Cashel Notice > The TodaysWanderluster Team respects the rules in relation to Copyright. We do our best to only and ever display the work takenContinue reading “‘Rock of Cashel’ for the Photographers”

The ‘Rock of Cashel’ – Ireland’s Medieval Jewel

..known for its three names, ‘Cashel of the Kings’, ‘St Patrick’s Rock’ or the one we already heard of, the ‘Rock of Cashel’, is one of the most remarkable collections of Celtic art as well as medieval architecture that can be explored anywhere on the European continent, with the majority of the structural features andContinue reading “The ‘Rock of Cashel’ – Ireland’s Medieval Jewel”