TW || TalksOnCulture – Javorník

[1/3] > Javornik, a small picturesque town in the czech region of Olomouc as we know, thrived in its golden era of prosperity and growth, becoming a significant pin on the map of the Silesian region, once even regarded as a cultural centre, though it has suffered immense destruction under the feet of the summonedContinue reading “TW || TalksOnCulture – Javorník”

‘A Horse-Shoe Shaped lake’ – Lough Gur

..sleeping in a cave in the region of Lough Gur and emerges at the time of Ireland’s need, galloping around the lake on his great white horse. tale which tells a story of a 14th century lord of Munster . .. Between the valleys and forests, underneath the ever-changing Irish sky , dwells the peacefulContinue reading “‘A Horse-Shoe Shaped lake’ – Lough Gur”

The ‘Rock of Cashel’ – Ireland’s Medieval Jewel

..known for its three names, ‘Cashel of the Kings’, ‘St Patrick’s Rock’ or the one we already heard of, the ‘Rock of Cashel’, is one of the most remarkable collections of Celtic art as well as medieval architecture that can be explored anywhere on the European continent, with the majority of the structural features andContinue reading “The ‘Rock of Cashel’ – Ireland’s Medieval Jewel”

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