TW || TalksOnCulture – Javorník

[1/3] > Javornik, a small picturesque town in the czech region of Olomouc as we know, thrived in its golden era of prosperity and growth, becoming a significant pin on the map of the Silesian region, once even regarded as a cultural centre, though it has suffered immense destruction under the feet of the summonedContinue reading “TW || TalksOnCulture – Javorník”

“The Landing place of the Oak” – Portumna Forest Walk

.. there are a total of 16 species of wild animals recorded to reside in the Woods of Portumna, with the red squirrel, the badger and fox that.. . . ..the stroat and known locally as ‘the cat’ the Pine Marten is regarded as the most elusive mammal within these woods but also known asContinue reading ““The Landing place of the Oak” – Portumna Forest Walk”

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