Lough Derg ‘Ireland’s Third Largest Lake’

Lough Derg, from the Irish ‘Loch Deirgdheirc’, was one of the names of the ‘Dagda’ recognised as the Irish God.. …”red eye” During the medieval times, the lake appeared as an integral part of the water highway stretching from as far west as the Atlantic ocean, through the irish midlands and further to the east,Continue reading “Lough Derg ‘Ireland’s Third Largest Lake’”

Discovering the History behind the walls of the ‘Rock of Cashel’

…whispers down the streets carry a rumour of one popular legend which states that the site originated on a mountain, north of Cashel. St.Patrick, who arrived in Ireland with his vision to spread the word of christianity, one day reached the mountain coming into contact with the Devil, Satan. St.Patrick defeated Satan and banished himContinue reading “Discovering the History behind the walls of the ‘Rock of Cashel’”

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