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TodaysWanderluster || Disney Land in Poland – Colourful Lakelets

According to the data supported by Wikipedia, the present day lakes which are the remnants of former german mines, […] date back to the time between the late 18th century and the early 20th century (1785 – 1925) .. .your about to visit the Colourful Lakelets Subscribe to TodaysWanderluster. Bring the Adventure directly into yourContinue reading “TodaysWanderluster || Disney Land in Poland – Colourful Lakelets”

‘the waterfalls between boundaries’ – The Clare Glen Falls

.. .residents of these woods are all in a timeless battle over the warm touches of sunlight, the sunlight like rain which reaches ..the ‘debritus’ in small strands. .. TodaysWanderluster present’s you, with this week’s article on the Clare Glens Falls, ‘the waterfalls between boundaries’ … wanna see what else lies in Tipperary? We inviteContinue reading “‘the waterfalls between boundaries’ – The Clare Glen Falls”

‘A Horse-Shoe Shaped lake’ – Lough Gur

..sleeping in a cave in the region of Lough Gur and emerges at the time of Ireland’s need, galloping around the lake on his great white horse. tale which tells a story of a 14th century lord of Munster . .. Between the valleys and forests, underneath the ever-changing Irish sky , dwells the peacefulContinue reading “‘A Horse-Shoe Shaped lake’ – Lough Gur”

“The Landing place of the Oak” – Portumna Forest Walk

.. there are a total of 16 species of wild animals recorded to reside in the Woods of Portumna, with the red squirrel, the badger and fox that.. . . ..the stroat and known locally as ‘the cat’ the Pine Marten is regarded as the most elusive mammal within these woods but also known asContinue reading ““The Landing place of the Oak” – Portumna Forest Walk”

‘The Gates of the Ring of Kerry’ – Killarney National Park

Hey guys!! Welcome back on TodaysWanderluster, this week’s journey on our page won’t require to much of a distant travel from our previous location, as in fact, we aren’t leaving the Iveragh peninsula nor the ‘Ring of Kerry’. Today’s Wanderlusting will take place on the very gates of the ring and as mentioned in theContinue reading “‘The Gates of the Ring of Kerry’ – Killarney National Park”