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TW || InTouristShoes – Javorník

Let’s see what’s .. to see Wish you make the experience just a little more realistic ? Subscribe to TodaysWanderluster. Bring the Adventure directly to your Inbox. Click/Tap here, should you have any suggestions. What to see in Javornik ? The ‘Jánský Vrch‘ Castle The absolute jewel of the town of Javorník built in theContinue reading “TW || InTouristShoes – Javorník”

The Coastal Atlantic Shield of Ireland – ‘The Cliffs of Moher’

..the giant sea cliffs, the country’s western fortification against the destructive forces of the mighty atlantic, an army of soldiers wearing blue and white cape, sent by the God of the seas and oceans himself, Poseidon… TodaysWanderluster present’s you, with this week’s article on the Cliffs of Moher, ‘The Cliffs of Moher’ … do youContinue reading “The Coastal Atlantic Shield of Ireland – ‘The Cliffs of Moher’”

Lough Derg ‘Ireland’s Third Largest Lake’

Lough Derg, from the Irish ‘Loch Deirgdheirc’, was one of the names of the ‘Dagda’ recognised as the Irish God.. …”red eye” During the medieval times, the lake appeared as an integral part of the water highway stretching from as far west as the Atlantic ocean, through the irish midlands and further to the east,Continue reading “Lough Derg ‘Ireland’s Third Largest Lake’”

Killarney for the Photographers

Our Top 10 Best Viewing Points in Killarney National Park The TodaysWanderluster Team welcomes you to our brand new series, our own burning list of the “Top 10 Best Viewing Points”. This great idea has been recently brought into us and we are happy to address that we will be considering to have it beContinue reading “Killarney for the Photographers”

Ireland & Europe’s Westernmost Point ‘The Dingle Peninsula’

Have you ever heard about the Dingle Peninsula ? What it is and what makes it to be such a popular tourrist attraction ? Located in the south-west of Ireland in Kerry county, the peninsula is stated to be the westernmost point in Ireland and perhaps even the continent of Europe. It is this pieceContinue reading “Ireland & Europe’s Westernmost Point ‘The Dingle Peninsula’”