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The Coastal Atlantic Shield of Ireland – ‘The Cliffs of Moher’

..the giant sea cliffs, the country’s western fortification against the destructive forces of the mighty atlantic, an army of soldiers wearing blue and white cape, sent by the God of the seas and oceans himself, Poseidon… TodaysWanderluster present’s you, with this week’s article on the Cliffs of Moher, ‘The Cliffs of Moher’ … do youContinue reading “The Coastal Atlantic Shield of Ireland – ‘The Cliffs of Moher’”

‘the last sight of Europe’ – Mizen Head

…the vast and overwhelmingly tall walls of stone of the Mizen Head Cliffs is as often described as “one of the extreme points on the island of Ireland’.. . .. . .through the fresh waters of the Celtic Sea south of the Emerald Island, a known transatlantic route passes near the southern irish coastline whereContinue reading “‘the last sight of Europe’ – Mizen Head”

“The Largest Norman Castle in Ireland” – Trim Castle

…Simularily like what happened to ‘Bunratty castle’, the attack took place once the Lord departed the castle and was no longer in sight. Hugh De Lacey who left Ireland, put his trust into one of his chief lieutenants ‘Hugh Tyrrel’ who made a complete disappearance, after the ringwork castle burned down to ashes after comingContinue reading ““The Largest Norman Castle in Ireland” – Trim Castle”

“Most Authentic Castle in Ireland” – Welcome to Bunratty Castle

Hey guys , Welcome back to TodaysWanderluster !! It is Friday, 3rd of July and this week we are required to move a little bit towards the centre of the country to Clare county as today our wunderluster is taking us on a journey to explore for the very first time on our page, anContinue reading ““Most Authentic Castle in Ireland” – Welcome to Bunratty Castle”